Encountering an opossum in your home or yard can be unnerving. Although removing it yourself might seem tempting, it’s important to understand that this task comes with a range of potential hazards. While usually non-aggressive, these creatures can become a risk when cornered or threatened.

They can also carry various diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans or pets. Additionally, mishandling the removal process can inadvertently invite more wildlife into your area. This is why investing in professional opossum removal in Bakersfield is vital.

Below are some dangers associated with DIY opossum removal.

The Risk of Injury

Opossums are generally peaceful animals, but like any creature, they can act out when they feel in danger. You may get hurt if you attempt to corner or catch an opossum without the right tools and knowledge.

The animal could bite or scratch you, causing injuries that may require medical attention. This is not a risk worth taking.

Here are some reasons why:

Instead of putting yourself in danger, you must invest in professional opossum removal in Bakersfield.

Incomplete Removal

Not entirely removing opossums is another issue with DIY approaches. You might not get all the opossums out if you’re not trained. Even one opossum left behind can start a new group in your area.

Imagine thinking you’re opossum-free, only to find a new family of them later. This is why it’s best to trust professionals with opossum removal. They know where to look and how to ensure all opossums are gone, keeping your home safe and wildlife-free.

Property Damage

Opossums can also cause a lot of harm to your property. These critters are always searching for food and a warm place to stay, and they might decide your home is the perfect spot. They can ruin your garden by digging up plants and can even damage your house while trying to get inside.

They might chew on wooden structures, pipes, or wires, leading to costly repairs. Imagine fixing a leaking pipe or a short circuit caused by a hungry opossum. That’s why it’s so important to have professionals remove these creatures from your property.

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