Homeowners are constantly fighting off pest infestations in their yards and gardens. Gophers are one of the most common pests that cause considerable damage, especially when they burrow into the ground. They can create large tunnels and mounds of dirt in lawns and golf courses, causing costly repairs.

Gophers also eat roots and bulbs, damaging or killing plants. The only way to address this common problem is by investing in professional rodent removal in Bakersfield.

Keep reading to learn about the problems you might notice when it’s time to invest in gopher removal services.

Holes and Burrows On Your Lawn

If you notice holes and burrows around your garden or lawn, this is a classic sign of gopher activity. Gophers typically create mounds of soil on the surface two to three feet in diameter. They will also dig tunnels between four to twelve inches wide beneath the surface. These tunnels can sometimes reach up to 20 feet in length.

Gophers also leave trails of raised ridges and clumps of dirt, roots, or vegetation on the surface of your garden or lawn. They can damage various plants by eating their roots and bulbs, so check to see if your plants have been eaten or uprooted.

If you are experiencing a gopher infestation, investing in professional rodent removal in Bakersfield is the best way to tackle this problem. ExcludeTech has experienced technicians that can identify and remove gophers from your yard or garden.

Eroded Soil

If you find piles of loose soil on your property, this could indicate that gophers are digging tunnels. Gophers create burrowing systems deep underground, which can cause the soil to become loose and erode above the surface. 

These areas will often have mounds or ridges of dirt, and they are usually very dry and filled with vegetation. Gopher infestations can be difficult to manage independently, so calling for professional help is essential.

Your Vegetable Garden Has Been Raided

If you notice that your vegetables are being eaten from below the ground or you find bite marks on them, gophers are likely to blame. Gophers have sharp incisors and can easily chew through root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. They may also consume other vegetation, including flower bulbs, tree saplings, and succulents.

Investing in professional rodent removal in Bakersfield is crucial if you are dealing with a serious gopher infestation. With our help, you can remove the gophers on your property.

Water Leaks

Gophers can cause considerable damage to a property, particularly when they burrow into the ground. They create large tunnels and mounds of dirt in lawns and gardens and threaten the integrity of underground water lines and sprinkler systems.

Burrows made by gophers can weaken or disrupt the function of irrigation systems, leading to unexpected leaks or water pooling. Instead of allowing these leaks to damage your property, you must hire professionals to remove the gophers immediately.

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