If your home does have a crawl space, it needs cleaning but it can be very expensive. This involves hiring a professional to take out the debris, mold, pests, look for leaks, using a special vacuum cleaner, possibly removing a vapor barrier as well as encapsulating the crawl space to lower the humidity and more.

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Our team of committed professionals come in and check for damp conditions and possible mold build up, we clear up any necessary clutter and treat molded areas and other possible problems for your home.

We remove and toss out any debris left over from the clean up

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions for our Crawl Space Cleanup. Please look over to see if your question can be answered.


Attic inspection professionals agree that homeowners should inspect their crawl spaces every six months.

Since moisture forms so easily in confined areas, dirt crawl spaces are fertile breeding grounds for mold.

Crawl space insulation may need to be replaced in damp conditions as soon as 10 years after installation.