Our Services

Throughout Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas

Bird Control
Bat Removal
Rodent Control
Rodent Droppings
Wildlife Control & Removal
Wildlife Proofing
Bat Removal & Control
Dead Animal Removal

Raccoon Trapping
Opossum Trapping
Squirrel Trapping
Gopher Control
Skunk Removal
Sanitation Clean Up
Bird Spikes
Bird Netting

            Attic Cleanup              Crawlspace Cleanup
Rat Cleanup
Rodent Proofing
Rodent Remediation
Rodent Exclusion
Insulation Removal

Commercial Bird Control
Attic Restoration
Pest Proofing
Recurring Maintenance
Insulation Replacement
Air Duct Sealing
Blown-in Insulation
Hazardous Clean Up

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Image Gallery

Images from our completed installations throughout Bakersfield, Kern County and surrounding areas


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