Modern residential HVAC systems are extremely leaky. Failed foil tape at the plenums and unsealed duct connections result in multiple escape routes for cooled or heated air.

Duct leaks are never good. You want to ensure you are using the air you pay to heat and cool. If you have leaky ducts, this is more challenging than you may imagine.

However, there’s a solution – duct sealing. Some of the specific benefits of this service are found here.

Improved Airflow and Comfort

While this may seem like two benefits, it’s actually only one. Leaky ducts prevent conditioned air from getting to the parts of your home where it’s needed. For example, leaky supply ducts can result in minimal warmed air getting into your bedroom when it is cold at night. Rather than going where it is supposed to, the air leaks out of your ducts.

However, when you seal the leaks, more of the conditioned air moves to where it is supposed to go. You get more airflow in places where it is needed, which means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Reduced Energy Costs

Properly sealed ducts keep more of the conditioned air where it should be – inside your home. The more conditioned air that you have inside, the less your HVAC system must work to keep things comfortable. Over time, you can pay less for the same (or even better) comfort levels.

Healthier Air

If there are leaks in your return ductwork, it will cause dirty air to move through the system and throughout your home. If your unit is installed in the attic, the air from that part of your home will be circulated throughout your living space. The same is true if your unit is in the crawlspace.

The only time you should have to breathe air from the crawlspace or attic is if you have to get into these spaces for something. You don’t want to breathe this all the time.

Also, if your supply ducts are leaky, they can have a negative effect on the overall air quality in your home. Because leaky ducts reduce the airflow in some rooms, the rooms will start being under negative pressure. This increases the infiltration of air from outside. As time passes, you may wind up breathing higher concentrations of atmospheric pollutants, dirt, dust, and pollen. All this is combined with feeling uncomfortable from the lack of airflow in the space.

Sealing your ducts will prevent both these situations, which helps to keep your air clean and healthy.

Cleaner Evaporator Coils

As the leaky return ducts bring in dirty air to your HVAC system, the dirt, dust, and other particulates may accumulate inside the system’s evaporator coil. This is going to create bad smells that travel throughout your home. Sealing your air ducts will prevent this issue.

As you can see, investing in air duct sealing offers several benefits. Now is the time to consider investing in this service for your home to see the benefits for yourself.