Common Problems Caused by Bad Attic Insulation

Keeping an aging home in good working order can be a difficult job. The older a home gets, the more problems the owner will ultimately encounter. If you want to stay a step ahead of serious repair issues, you need to get in the habit of inspecting the various parts of your home regularly. During this home inspection process, you need to take a look at the insulation in your attic.

Inexperienced homeowners fail to realize just how important attic insulation is. Every year, homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars on new insulation. Failing to replace bad attic insulation can cause a number of problems.

The Threat of Pest Infestations

The insulation in your attic covers a number of gaps in both your ceiling and roof. When these gaps are completely sealed with the help of quality insulation, pests are unable to gain access to your home. If the insulation ever gets damaged, pests will find a way to use this to their advantage. Rodents, birds and squirrels might take up residence in your home if your damaged insulation isn’t replaced.

Instead of dealing with the aggravation that a pest infestation will provide, you need to take action. Do you need help assessing the condition of your existing insulation? If so, Exclude Tech is here to help. If your insulation does need to be replaced, we can install it quickly. We also provide pest control services designed to keep rodents and other pests out of your home.

Extensive Water Damage

As time goes by, the roof on your home will get compromised. Things like constant sunlight exposure and strong winds can do a number on your residential roof. If leaks start to form, the insulation in your attic will get wet. Failing to replace this wet and damaged insulation can create big problems. Moisture retention is the number one cause of home mold.

The longer water-soaked insulation remains in place, the harder it will be to protect your ceilings, floors and walls from mold. The cost of fixing the damage caused by increased amounts of moisture in your home can be substantial. You can avoid this expense by immediately replacing your damaged insulation. With the help of professionals, getting new insulation installed will be a breeze.

Wasting Energy Is Expensive

When the insulation in your attic starts to wear out, you will be presented with several warning signs. The first indication that most homeowners have that their insulation needs to be replaced is a sudden spike in their monthly energy bills. Old and damaged insulation allows a lot of air to escape. This will result in your HVAC unit running continuously in an attempt to keep the inside of your residence comfortable.

Not only can this damage your HVAC unit, it will also make powering your home more expensive. You can address this problem by replacing your old insulation.

Avoiding the problems mentioned in this article is only possible if you invest in better attic insulation.