In recent years, solar panels have become a popular investment for homeowners in the United States. These renewable energy sources can save money on electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint. However, pests like pigeons and squirrels may cause significant damage to these panels.

That’s why it is essential to invest in professional solar pest-proofing in Bakersfield. Our trained technicians can use their expertise and specialized equipment to prevent pests from nesting and chewing on the solar panels.

Keep reading to learn how professional pest-proofing can help prevent solar panel fires.

The Power of Professional Inspections

A professional pest-proofing service can provide thorough inspections to identify any existing or potential pest issues that could lead to fire hazards. With these inspections, professionals can discover pest problems early on.

As our technicians perform solar panel inspections, they will look for things like:

With these detailed inspections, our team can identify and address pest-related issues before they become a more significant problem.

Installation of Physical Barriers

Once the inspection is complete, our professionals can install physical barriers around your solar panels to prevent pests from entering and causing damage. These barriers can include mesh or netting that effectively blocks access to the panels while allowing proper ventilation. Additionally, our technicians can seal any gaps or openings that may allow pests to enter and cause damage.

By installing these barriers, you protect your solar panels from pest damage and reduce the risk of potential fire hazards. With professional solar pest-roofing in Bakersfield, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solar panels are well-protected.

The Use of Pest Deterrents

In addition to physical barriers, professional pest-proofing services can apply specific deterrents around your solar panels to discourage pests from settling in the area. These may include motion-activated devices that emit high-frequency sounds or flashing lights, which can effectively repel pests without harming them.

Professionals can also use safe and environmentally friendly chemical deterrents designed to repel pests but not harm the panels or the environment. These deterrents are strategically placed around the solar panels to prevent pests from nesting or chewing on them.

Safe Removal of Pests

Over 4% of the electricity produced in the United States comes from solar panels. That’s a significant amount of energy that we can’t afford to lose due to pest damage or fires. If pests have already nested under your solar panels, professionals can safely remove them without causing any further damage.

Our trained technicians follow proper safety protocols and use humane methods to remove pests from your solar panels without harming them. This ensures that your panels are protected while also promoting ethical pest control practices.

Protect Your Investment with SolarPest-Proofing in Bakersfield!

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