Unfortunately, solar panels are the perfect pigeon perch. They enjoy perching on the edge and handling their business. However, sitting on the panels is not the only way pigeons may cause trouble. Some even build nests below, leading to more issues for your sun-producing power sources.  

Here, you can learn more about the issues pigeons can cause and why investing in solar pest-proofing in Bakersfield is a smart way to protect your investment. 

Electrical Damage

Pigeons are notorious for their curiosity; unfortunately, solar panels pique their interest. These feathered intruders can peck at and damage the wiring of solar panels. 

This can lead to potential electrical failures, posing safety hazards for residents and technicians. To avoid such incidents, homeowners must consider solar pest-proofing in Bakersfield as a preventive measure.

Reduced Efficiency

Solar panels thrive on sunlight, but when pigeons decide to make your rooftop their home, their nesting materials and droppings can accumulate on the panels’ surface. This blockage impedes sunlight absorption, reducing your solar panels’ overall efficiency. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your panels are operating at their full potential, and solar pest-proofing can help keep pigeons at bay.

Structural Damage

Pigeon nests aren’t just unsightly and can lead to moisture accumulation. Over time, this moisture can cause corrosion and physical damage to the solar panel frames and the roof structure. 

This structural damage affects the performance of your solar panels and adds to your maintenance costs. You can avoid this potentially expensive issue by eliminating pigeons from your roof and around the solar panels. 

Increased Maintenance Costs

The presence of pigeons under your solar panels means you’ll have to invest in regular cleaning and repairs due to pigeon-related damage. These recurring costs can add up significantly, and homeowners may spend more than they initially bargained for. 

Solar pest-proofing in Bakersfield is a cost-effective solution that can save you money in the long run. With this, you get:

As you can see, this service is well worth the investment. 

The Importance of Solar Pest Proofing in Bakersfield

Solar pest proofing is a proactive measure that can prevent pigeons from accessing the undersides of your solar panels. Installing specialized barriers and deterrents ensures that your solar investment remains free from avian interference. This safeguards your solar panels and extends their lifespan, saving you money on maintenance and repairs.

Choosing solar power is a smart, eco-conscious choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. However, the hidden risks of pigeons under solar panels should not be underestimated. 

To protect your investment and maintain the efficiency of your solar panels, consider investing in solar pest-proofing in Bakersfield. Doing so will ensure that your solar panels continue to shine bright and deliver the energy savings you deserve. Don’t let pigeons overshadow your commitment to clean energy—take action today.