What does it mean to be a full-service pest control company?

Lots of these small companies can come out and put down some bait traps for insects or rodents, but that doesn’t cover all of the problems the property owners may have, up to and including hantavirus mitigation, or an opossum in the house.

Insects can be insidious, and bugs can be serious pest control problems, but some of the larger pests like birds and rodents can wreak havoc on your property in their own ways.

As a top pest control company in the Bakersfield area and surroundings, we pride ourselves on being equipped to handle some of those bigger intruders that you’re struggling with from the standpoint of protecting your property. Lots of these situations are time sensitive, and we understand that, too, so we make your job a priority, to help you to get peace of mind where you live – and sleep!

Ductwork Protection

Birds and rodents and assorted animals can attack your HVAC system’s ductwork, burrowing into insulating materials or exploiting any holes or gaps in these air carriers. That’s a problem, for more reasons than one. Your duct system is the air quality handler for your home. Problems can really pollute the air around you.

We have the expertise to seal up your ductwork system and do other things around the home to protect core systems from damage.

Attics and Crawlspaces

Dealing with these auxiliary spaces in a property is also a major part of what we do. Specifically, opossums and other animals can do various kinds of damage when they get access to a crawlspace or attic area. Some of what we do involves diagnosis, and some involves preventative maintenance. All of it helps you to protect your home systems capably.

A Trusted Partner

Too many property owners just don’t know where to turn when they have these kinds of serious pest problems. They might try to address the problem themselves, but without a key understanding of what animal damage typically looks like and how to prevent it, they may encounter the same frustrating problems over and over again.

There’s no shame in calling qualified professionals to help manage these issues. In fact, fixes can be just as sophisticated and varied as they are for plumbing and electrical systems, where most people wouldn’t dream of doing DIY mitigation. So get the help that you need – we will help you to deal with whatever comes strolling into your home, for whatever reason.