What do we do at ExcludeTech? We do a lot to help property owners to keep their properties safe, livable and clean. Our customers will tell you!

How do we do it? Well, that takes a little more explanation.

With great frequency, mother nature introduces you to some spontaneous guests who want to make your home their own, or at least come in and scoot around a little. 

You know them by their genus in the animal kingdom, and by their individual species names.

You also know instinctively that you don’t want them around, but how do you tell them it’s time to go?

Here are three components of what we do in the local area to help residents protect their homes. 

Gopher, Skunk, Possum, Raccoon

Each of these local mammals can do some damage inside of your home. They may come into a crawlspace or an attic or basement area, but however they get in, you want them out!

We have time-tested methods and industry-standard technologies to get rid of these larger pests. Our commitment and dedication to helping you to safeguard your property results in learning the best ways to get these pests out – and keep them out!


Many people talk about pigeons as “flying rats” or shudder when their names are mentioned.

You may have seen how some people try to keep pigeons off of exterior areas of a window trim, with well-placed nails or pieces of glass.

But if a pigeon has access to your interior, that’s a whole different story…

We help make sure that pigeons get the message and move elsewhere. Again, this has to do with scientific analysis of how these birds “think” and behave, and how to support effective results. 

The Mouse

City mouse or country mouse, there’s not much difference when one of these tiny rodents has infiltrated your home.

Unlike in the cartoons, you probably can’t see where they’re coming from. They don’t have a big mouse-sized arch notched into your baseboard that they can carry pieces of cheese in and out of!

Instead, mice are coming from tiny areas that are hard to pinpoint, and it’s even harder to catch them in action. They can ravage your pantry at night – well before you even see them at all.

So a lot of our work is in getting rid of rodents and helping to get rid of the droppings and excrement that can be a health hazard.

Ask ExcludeTech for help in removing unwanted guests!