What do we do when we go out to a client property?

It depends what day it is, and what’s written on the case file. But in our experience as professional pest control operators, there are some common kinds of situations where people call us for quick and effective solutions to some particularly thorny problems!


These are some of the critters that we get called in to deal with.

While pigeons do have some uses – you can use them, for instance, to send a message from one place to another – they also poop prodigiously, and you can see evidence of this in a lot of public urban areas.

When it’s your property, though, it can be a real nuisance and a real eyesore. So people call us to come and check out the property and provide the right solution to stop these birds from doing #2 all over everything you own.


People already didn’t like mice, but then came the threat of the hantavirus. In so many cases, we are showing up to a property because someone in the house started worrying about this type of infection when they saw mouse pellets.

Nevermind that the majority of homes do contain mouse pellets as a matter of course. Mice find ways to get in, and they eat whatever you have. Then they leave their little droppings all over the place.

In any case, we are effective in removing a mouse infestation and also in hantavirus cleanup – in removing all the scats and evidence of mouse activity. That does two things – it stops triggering your fear response if you don’t like mice, and it actually makes your property clean and sanitary removing fears about getting the hantavirus regardless if there was an active mouse problem at the current moment, prior to treatment, or not.


This is another type of project that is often fear-based – somebody’s thinking about what happens if you get sprayed and have to sit in a tomato juice bath, or if your dog hauls one of these animals out from under the porch, and all of a sudden everything smells really, really bad.

We can deal with these nocturnal visitors and much more. Call ExcludeTech for effective help with any type of pest control situation. We are a local firm that knows our stuff when it comes to birds, rodents and more, including weatherization and insulation services for your property, to save on energy bills. We do it all! Get help from the real pros.