A recent study found that approximately 3 million Americans report sightings of rodents inside their homes annually. If you have ever dealt with a rodent infestation, you know how hard it can be to get rid of these pests. Rather than waiting until your home is overrun with rodents, you need to take preventative measures to keep these pests out of your residence.

The first place you need to start when trying to keep rodents at bay is the outside of your home. Many homeowners fail to realize that certain elements on their lawns can be like a siren song to rodents. The following are some common outdoor issues that might attract rodents and how to address these problems the right way.

It Might Be Time to Get Rid of Bird Feeders

If you are a big fan of nature, then you probably have some bird feeders in your yard. Sitting and watching birds come onto your property to feast on the seeds in your feeder can be enjoyable. However, these bird feeders can also attract rodents. Many people fail to realize that rodents actually love seeds and nuts. Most of a mouse’s life is spent looking for its next meal.

If they stumble onto your full bird feeders, a rodent may stay on your property. This means it is only a matter of time before they venture inside of your residence. If you want to avoid this problem, then it might be time to ditch the bird feeders.

Rid Your Lawn of Natural Clutter

The average rodent likes to stay out of view to avoid predators. This means they are constantly looking for hiding places. If your lawn is covered in piles of wood, leaves or tall grass, you may start to attract rodents. Instead of allowing rodents to infest your yard and eventually your home, you need to work on removing clutter from your lawn.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do this landscaping work, then hiring professionals to help out is a good idea. With their assistance, you can enhance the natural beauty of your lawn and keep rodents away. If you have noticed rodents in your yard, then now is the time to contact a pest control professional to remove them.

Be Mindful Where You Put Your Trash Cans

If you want to keep rodents out of your yard, then you need to be careful about how your garbage cans are stored. Unsealed trash cans can provide rodents with lots of food and a place to hide. This is why you need to make sure the lid of your trash can is firmly attached with a bungee strap. Most garbage cans are equipped with these straps, but they are rarely used by consumers. Putting this strap to use can help you avoid rodent infestations.

Are you noticing signs of a rodent infestation in your home or yard? If so, it is time to let the team at Excludetech Residential and Commercial help you address this problem.