Pest Control and Home Services in Tehachapi, California

Our company offers a menu of professional services in Tehachapi, California and surrounding areas. These include pest control and weatherization, as well as cleanup services. Get help from a company that’s bonded, licensed and insured, and offers a 100% customer guarantee on every job. Get rid of troublesome rodents, birds or insects, fix insulation damage, or get a newly cleaned interior space to help with quality of life on your property.

Attic Cleanup

We handle attic cleanups in Tehachapi, CA, so if you have unwanted visitors, call and get assistance with getting all of those creepy crawlers out of your attic. We know that the sound of rustling upstairs can be stressful. We will come when called and consult with you about wildlife in attics- or other areas of your building.

Crawlspace Cleaning

Crawlspaces are another common place where rodents, birds or insects tend to congregate. We can deal with these challenging spaces and get them clean and sanitary, while sealing them against various kinds of wildlife. It’s challenging for many homeowners to access these spaces themselves, which can make people in the household nervous about outcomes. Don’t worry – we’re the pros!

Insulation Repair Service

Unfortunately, different kinds of animals and insects can also make their homes in your insulation. That can lead to significant insulation damage, and then you need repairs and remediation from a pro shop like ours. ExcludeTech has the ability to quote and perform jobs related to restoring your Tehachapi, CA house to its original condition – for safety and liveability.

Protecting Your Solar Panels

Places like Tehachapi, CA with a lot of great natural light are prime places for people to consider solar panels and mounted solar designs. But what about when animals threaten the integrity of your systems?

We can help with solar panel maintenance services that give you peace of mind about your green investment.

Help with Pest Control in Tehachapi California

Nestled in between Bakersfield and Los Angeles, Tehachapi, California is a place where people are somewhat shielded from new development by the natural terrain and park area around town. But there is also quite a bit of wildlife that can infiltrate homes and properties in this local area. ExcludeTech is a trusted service provider in Tehachapi that you can call to help with bird and rodent control problems, as well as other types of pest control. Schedule with the shop and get a free estimate on whatever you are facing here in Tehachapi. We will help you to come up with a working solution for all of the above and other problems related to incursion or invasion by animals and insects that may be targeting your property.