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Maintain your PV System with Solar Panel Cleaning and Pest Prevention

There are 4 potentially expensive hazards to home rooftop solar panels that are remedied and eliminated by Excludetech Solar Panel Pest Solutions:

  • Squirrels that chew wiring and can damage your solar electrical system.
  • Damaged wiring that turns into a fire hazard.
  • Pigeons that nest underneath your home solar system create a serious health risk while degrading your property.
  • An accumulation of leaves or debris trapped beneath solar panel arrays can lead to roof damage and roof rot.

The undersides of solar panels are proving to be very popular nesting sites for pigeons. The debris that they accumulate from nesting, droppings, and pecking at the wiring have become a growing problem for solar panel system owners.

Our protective barriers just don’t have to go around your solar panels. Other popular areas we can cover are under eaves of your house and eaves of your patio covers. We can also put up bird spikes on chimneys.

If you have solar panels on your home or business and a swimming pool or other water source nearby, we can virtually guarantee you have birds nesting under your panels. You need solar panel pest control.

Accumulated debris like leaves and branches from nearby trees can be a problem if they stay under the solar array indefinitely. Your solar system was designed to last for 20-25 years and adding an aesthetic and protective solar panel pigeon proofing/protective barriers to your system now will provide peace of mind for the life of the system.

Even if you don’t think you have pest problems yet, the application of a solar panel pest prevention system is aesthetically pleasing and will add curb appeal and value to your system by hiding unsightly wires. A clean, protective, attractive and permanent barrier installed by a Certified Bird B Gone Installer can withstand any natural threat from Mother Nature.

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