The community of Delano in California is one that we’re familiar with in our work. Up and down the way from Bakersfield to points north, we often work with property owners in Delano and surrounding areas to help them deal with specific challenges they may have, whether that’s an infestation of birds, rodents or insects, or other kinds of projects, like weatherization of a property. As a trusted property protection company with experience in a variety of professional areas, we are a go-to source for Delano residents when something  unexpected makes them nervous about the state of their home or property.

About Delano, CA

Situated on Route 99, Delano is a community of around 53,000 people. Travelers come into Delano to visit Bakersfield College Delano campus or the Gene Beck Stadium, as well as the number of green parks around the area. Delano is also just a stone’s throw from California Hot Springs to the east, and equidistant between Bakersfield to the south and Visalia and Fresno to the north. It’s a nice place to live and work, and we like passing through.

Battling Wildlife and Other Challenges

So what kinds of things are Delano households dealing with?

Well, they might have a skunk or a badger or groundhog rattling around in a crawlspace or attic. They may have bats in the belfry, as these creatures also inhabit local areas. Then there are the many bird species that tend to build their nests in the most inconvenient places. That’s just for starters. There are a wide variety of problems that come up as you try to maintain a property. We are schooled in addressing most of them!

As we assess Delano properties and their needs, we also look at how insulation and home systems fit into the equation. Sometimes insulation is part of the problem, and other times it can be a viable solution to keeping wildlife out. Dealing with home services is part of handling property maintenance issues, and we take a comprehensive approach, consulting with locals to give them the peace of mind they need about their property and its resale value, as well as its liveability.

Look for our vehicles in Delano or elsewhere around the Bakersfield area. We are a local business with a significant investment in the community, and a mission to serve Delano and Bakersfield residents. Don’t hesitate to call, should you need any kind of help, and browse our online resources to learn more about what we do.

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Serving Delano, CA and surrounding areas

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Serving Delano, CA and surrounding areas

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